What's New, October 2020 edition

We have two "new" models, some deletions, some reorg, and copious price updating for your spending convenience.

New stuff, Gran Paradiso and Maglia ROSA steel frames:

Il Barone replaces Minimus and La Dolce Vita in our lineup. We use a mix of 31.8mm and 35mm Columbus Omnicrom steel main tubes with varying wall thickness to suit the needs of each rider. This is our new flagship frame, pairs best with the Enve road fork, and takes up to a 28mm tire.

Levico is our tribute to the one-off steel frame Dario Pegoretti built for Hampsten Cycles as a 20th anniversary nod to Andy’s 1988 Giro win – including his TT win at Levico Therme. We take the rear end from Il Barone, add the welded front triangle – using traditionally-sized 28.6mm/31.8mm tubes – and steel fork from our Team Pro and it looks classic and rides great.

Pricing, generally, includes fork:

Carbon frame, rim brakes - $4000

Add disc brakes - $4200

Steel frame, rim brakes - $3200

Add disc brakes - $3300

Titanium frame, rim brakes - $4200

Add disc brakes - $4500

And Tournesol...