Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yard Sale!

Ok, it's been a bit since we've updated but we're busy here, riding again, and our skirt was inextricably involved with our chain. But now we're back and it's a doozy: today we have a Gran Paradiso Titanio in a 52 x 53 configuration with a painted Enve 1.0 fork. The frame was built for a Road Magazine photo shoot featuring Ultegra 6800 parts and judging from the photos we think it will be a heck of a layout but the parts and fork are headed elsewhere. We can ship this with either an Enve or Falz fork and we do think the Enve fork looks better painted as their logo somewhat, ahem, clashes with our downtube graphic.

The Fine Print:
Seat tube, c-c - 52cm
Seat tube, overall - 55.2cm
Top tube, c-c - 53cm, level
CS - 40.8cm
STA - 74
HTA - 72
BB shell - English threaded
Seatpost - 27.2mm
Head tube length - 12.8cm
Headset - King D-11, included
Seat clamp -  Phil Wood, included
Price - $3000 includes shipping to CONUS, add $100 for a painted fork and allow three weeks or so for paint. In an ideal world this frame would go to a rider who has their saddle at 71 to 73cm and bars about 87cm from the ground. Graphics may be changed if you like but these look great, imho. If interested, I can send a drawing of the frame or you can send me your numbers and I'll show you how this could fit.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy President's Day

President's Day always make me think of limos and limos make me think of DeGaulle so, obviously, Citroen!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Big Game

"Humiliation turned into deep, unending despair. Deep, unending despair became profound emptiness. Profound emptiness transformed into convulsive sobs. Then the Seahawks scored again. Later, there were locusts."