Fender Guitar Lavender

A friend writes: "Steve, this bike is amazing. First off, the color. THE COLOR. It came out so much better than I'd hoped. It's a head-turner. The welds are gorgeous, the bi-ovalized top tube might be my favorite "if you know, you know" feature of the frame. Everything is just solid and speaks of people who engage their craft with passion. I've had it on a few rides for around 60-70 miles now. I do want to get out for a solid 60-80 in one go, but that's going to have to wait for later in the summer. At first, all my riding was on pavement. To be frank, I worried a little bit that the width of the 30mm tires might feel squirmy in a hard turn. That's largely based on having raced a CX bike with 32s in a parking garage: it's a thing here on Wednesday nights. I didn't need to worry. The bike is sure-footed at all times on the pavement. But what about the road less traveled? My most recent time out was along an old rail-trail conversion that's got plenty of gravel/unpaved side-track to service utility lines. I had a chance to climb and descend on loose substrate. Never a worry or a sketchy moment there (at least none attributable to anything other than my bike handling skills). It's comfortable where I want it, stiff where I need it, and the kind of bike that makes me remember why I love riding bikes. Thank you to everyone at Hampsten."