The Update Edition

So - busy as usual, plenty to share but dragging the Sidis in doing so. Let's get started:

We're seeing good sales in lugged frames with a possible 15th anniversary (!) version this summer. Yes, we've been in business that long and Martin - our lugged guy - has been part of it every step of the way. I think I can see about fifteen more years of this then I'll definitely have to try something else.

In other news, Steve and Peter (Graham, ex-production manager at Mad Fiber carbon wheels) recently spent a week in Austin with Nick Crumpton. Nick, as you may know, builds some of the finest custom carbon frames in the world and he was willing to show us the ropes down to every last little detail. Given Peter's carbon experience and hands-on ability, Steve's sales and marketing bent, and Nick's methods and willingness to help down the road, I think we'll see some pretty spectacular black frames shooting of out the oven soon.

Badgering Andy/Slaying the Badger was a roaring success and thanks to everyone - especially those at Cascade Bicycle Club - who helped with the heavy lifting. Seeing Andy, Bob Roll, and Jeff Pierce on stage together was worth the price right there - the movie and Andy's comments put it all over the top. And it was for a good cause, the Major Taylor Project, so there's that.

More soon - with pictures!