(couldn't resist... best sauce pan i've ever used... 40 years old and going strong)


Jona said…
But what is it and who makes it? Looks like a Japanese cast iron pot if I were to guess. The handle and lid(?) with the hole in the center has me very curious about using it. I assume the handle comes out and the lid comes off for cooking? Can't beat old cast iron for cooking. Not all new technologies are improvements.
Steve H said…
It's Finnish and here's a link - http://thelightupnorth.wordpress.com/2010/10/28/and-might-try-to-cook-something/

It's enamel-clad cast iron and the handle also works to remove the lid. It's a little awkward for pasta water - when draining - but it does everything else brilliantly. I saw one in a store recently with some crazy price tag but it would almost be worth it if I had to find a replacement.