New for 2011!

Well, here are some projects we've been working on and that we expect to see on the website soon:

Crema Classic: We're liking the sales of Crema and the idea of a size chart seems to be working well - who knew? So now we add Crema Classic: Crema using the same chart but this time silver-brazed by Martin using Sachs Issimo lugs. We scrub a little labor compared to our Team Pro by using socket-style rear drop outs, flat seat stay caps, fewer frills, and a straight fork. But it's still the same tubes/lugs/builder/painter/etc. $2300, built to order.

MAX: Steve's favorite Columbus Life-based tubing continues to be a winner and now gets its own page. The basic version will involve an Enve 2.0 carbon fork, room for 28mm tyres, and short-reach calipers - but alternate brakes and forks will be offered for those that want 'em. $2400, custom.

Team Pro OS: By using Darrell LLewellyn's new Cadenzia lugs paired with Dario Pegoretti/Richard Sachs' Spirit for Lugs tubing from Columbus we get the Team Pro OS (for "oversized", natch). Larger diameter tubes, socket-style rear dropouts, fillet-brazed seat cluster, choice of steel or carbon fork - but the same great ride as before. $2700, custom.

Sterrato - Meaning "dirt road" in our favorite Romantic language, Sterrato uses a similar size chart to Crema but we add Paul Racer M brakes for better stopping power, additional mud clearance, and a slightly longer wheelbase for more stability. So now we have a great welded bike suitable for bombing dirt roads and trails or as a cyclocross bike for drier/faster courses - and it still works fine as a commuter/allrounder. $2000 in steel/$3000 in titanium, built to order. (Paul brakes are $225-ish/bike)


Ocean7 said…
I'm sure that Crema Classic is gonna be a killer :D

MAX sounds interesting too. That's actually your Strada Bianca am I correct? Does the Enve fork have ample room for 28mm or is it a tight clearance? Oh and is MAX a tubeset that's going to be available for long or are you building on your own private stock?

Lots of great things to come from Hampsten. I am really looking forward to seeing them all!
Steve H said…
mr 7,

that is my personal MAX Strada Bianca, and a sweet rig it is too. but i think Strada Bianca will return to non-shaped tubes after our next photo shoot - and i'm looking forward to the MAX page.

we regularly cram 27-to-29mm tires in the Enve forks and it works great but i wouldn't go any bigger. it looks like about 3-4mm to spare all around. hey, do you think if i keep bugging Enve that they'll do a long-reach/fender fork?

Columbus is now producing MAX tubing but basing it on their modern Life series - they even list it in the catalog over at my sense is that it will stick around as long as it keeps selling - or as long as someone will request a run of 50 sets or so.

always something fun in the planning stages here. i keep thinking we'll run out of good ideas but as long as good components and good tubes are made we'll be dreaming up fun frames to hang them on.


scottg said…
How about an Enve fork for the Paul Racer brakes ?
Steve H said…
That's the dream...