Friday Fun!

I love seeing my former bikes as built by their new owners. Great look, Lee!

Some day. Maybe. We hope.

The Best.

Was there ever a prettier hub? I didn't think so.

There's just something about this... makes me feel slightly dirty... - great stuff with legos.


J Doncevic said…
Really like those jerseys! Wool? Possibly, with matching bib, the team kit for a new Hampsten grassroots racing team?
Marco said…
I can't wait to put those ultra-strong Ambrosio Nemesis wheels on my stainless steel Hampsten. The ultimate set-up for rough roads!
Steve H said…

We're working on a concept somewhere between a grassroots racing team, subsidizing Masters racers, and the "racing tourists" of the Rapha Continental clique.

I'm thinking maybe something like the old reliability trials from England: teams of four and they must reach a destination, consume two cups of coffee with pastries, and return, all in a pre-determined time frame and at a specified speed. We'll have umpires at strategic locations to make sure all are following the rules and riding properly. Matching jerseys must be worn and points will be deducted for ugly or dirty bikes.

"Caffee Racing", anyone?

Aeneas said…
I'd love one of those jerseys for my L'Eroica entry that I've just made for next October. Any chance Steve?

And will you be there?