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Wherever you go, the Travelissimo can go with you in style. This bicycle fits in a specially-designed rolling Samsonite suitcase with minimal weight increase and incredible convenience when traveling. By utilizing S and S Machineworks™ super-strong torque couplers we’re able to construct a two-piece steel, 953, or titanium frame that doesn't incur airline size surcharges but gives up none of the feel of your favorite bicycle.

Our standard Travelissimo is a short-wheelbase/short-reach caliper sport bike designed to take up to a 29mm tire, typically designed to have a touch more stability than its race-bred Gran Paradiso brethren. Classic or Strada Bianca models may also be built with the coupler option for true go-anywhere/anytime capabilities.

S and S Machineworks site. reviews Andy’s own Strada Bianca.

Travelissimo - $2700
Welded and painted steel frame by Independent Fabrication using our own Reynolds/True Temper tubing blend, price includes Edge fork.

Travelissimo Ti - $4400
Perfectly fabricated by Kent Eriksen Cycles using 3/2.5 straight-gauge titanium, price includes Edge fork.

Etcetera - $500 Package includes S & S travel case by Sampsonite, cable splitters, compression members, custom tube wraps, wrench, and security bag.


RMHampel said…
Love it!
The question is, can a larger frame (say a traditional geometry frame with a 60 cm seat tube or so) be made with S&S couplers and still fit in the case?

Steve H said…

Yep, no problem - we do it all the time.