slightly OT: Joy Division

I came across this piece from Metafilter today on the genesis of the cover art from Joy Division's first album, Unknown Pleasures. To the first Fermaguiana reader who can draw a line from this album to Hampsten Cycles, I will send a free poster. In the event of a tie, or for extra points, the first reader who can send me the second connection from HampCo to Metafilter - from the last two weeks - might get some socks.

Use the comments section below for answers, please. Those involved are excluded, etc.


John McGuire said…
I believe that the connection is that Paul Barnes designed logos/fonts for both Hampsten Cycles Joy Division.
John McGuire said…
I should have said designed logos or fonts for Hampsten AND Joy Division (the latter in collaboration with Peter Saville, the artist that designed the Unknown Pleasures album cover.
Steve H said…

So close... yet no banana. Sorry, two tries is all you get - next?

Steve H said…
Oops - my bad, I stand corrected. It appears that Paul worked with both Joy Division AND New Order - learn something everyday!

Send address?

Ed H said…
It cant be so obvious as an alps diagram (condensed as it may be illustrates) where passo gavia is located, can it?
Ant said…
I thought I left a comment already. Oh well try again.

Is it because the picture represents pulses from the first ever pulasar to be detected (CP 1919) which was first discovered in July 1967. The connection is becase that was when Andy first rode a bike (I read an interview somewhere saying he was 5 years old so making it 1967).