Nice rack!

We've had a couple of requests for more info on the rack pictured, so here goes: It's similar to the racks we do for most of our Tournesol builds, being silver-brazed chrome-moly (4130) steel which is nickel-plated when finished. Each rack is built specific to a particular fork, usually for a particular bag. In this case we wanted the flexibility to use a variety of front carriers: the BaileyWorks bag (shown) for shorts trips, a Berthoud randonnee bag for longer treks, or even a wicker basket for true beer (and food) runs.

We needed this rack to work with the Tektro caliper brakes, thus the asymmetrical mounting tab on the left side of the fork crown. Since we wanted to use a variety of bags and a basket it seemed to make sense to do an adjustable rear loop which can easily be tightened or even removed altogether.

The new owner loves the bike, the rack works great, even the Brooks saddle gets two thumbs up.


snappergrass said…
What kind of handle bars and grips are those? Very nice bike.
HampCo said…
mr. grass,

grips from rivendell, flat bars from jitensha.

go nuts!

pinepig said…
Any issues with mounting the 26.0 clamp bar in (I presume) a 25.4 clamp stem?
Steve H said…
Mr Pig,

Pretty sure it's a 26.0 clamp from about ten years ago - but I don't think Thomson offers the Elite in road diameter anymore.