La Vie Claire - bringing back the 80s

Frame design by Daniel Schmaltz of fame - the paint price is giving us pause but it may see the light of day. 
Jersey at Prendas, baby!


mcscholt said…
photo shop paint, right?
TN said…
Dear god that is gorgeous... Can I ask for the BB black color on the chainstay, what determined the angle of the cutoff to blue?

Anyway, much better than the Look.
HampCo said…
yep, it's photoshop.

we could probably paint your chainstay black. the designer, daniel, did the drawing: i didn't micro-manage and i wouldn't change a thing.

i think the angles make sense when you start looking at mondrian as the inspiration for this. sure, the LVC jersey is one take on mondrian but this, to me, feels closer to what the artist was doing.
jscottyk said…
In the words of Maury Finkle, "DO IT!"

IMO, the LVC kit was the hottest in the peloton.

Also, IMO, Mondrain was most definitely the inspiration for the original LVC design.