After much ado and footdragging by management, Jenny is getting the first iteration of our new townie bike called “Zucchero” (sugar). Frame and fork will be steel; frame built by Independent Fabrication, fork by Martin; paint is IF’s “Delorey Green”. We’ll be using flat handlebars, thumb shifters, 57mm-reach calipers, 9-speed derailers, Honjo fenders, 28mm tires, sprung Brooks saddle, cork grips - the usual nonsense. We’ll also show a HampCo front rack coupled with a small trunk bag by BaileyWorks.

The idea behind this “model” (if you will) is a light, zippyy commuter or errand bike which will easily convert to a dropped-bar sport bike by swapping out as few components as possible.

Parts are trickling in, still need to finalize frame design and get it ordered. Full photoshoot, pricing, etc. to come.


Jay Parkhill said…
Jay likes this.
j.benlin.lee said…
I'm sure this will be a really cool bike. Will there be bespoke accessories (i.e., racks, fenders) as well?
HampCo said…
I think it will be sweet, looking forward to seeing the finished product.

We'll offer a custom rack, choice of fenders and front bags, possibly a rear rack or at least will allow for use of a Tubus rear, and we can build to suit tire and wheel size of choice.

I don't see us offering a sliding dropout initially, possibly down the road.
Yash Katsumi said…
When I retire from Cross after this season I am converting the Mudpig to the most beautiful townbike anyone has ever seen in Boston.