Beer Me

Frame: Co-Motion 7005 aluminum, “Leger” configuration, Beige paint
Fork: Alpga Q CS25
Parts: SRAM Red
Rims: Ambrosio Nemesis
Tyres: Vittoria Pave 27mm
Shimano: DA hubs, long reach calipers
Honjo: 35mm fenders, bottle cages
Leather: Toshi bar wrap, Aliante saddle
Post: Eriksen titanium
Stem and bars: Thomson X2 and Ritchey WCS
Kid: Simon


Mike said…
The bike is cool but those wheels and tires are special. Should I get right on building up a pair for myself?
j thurow said…
The fender attachment on the rear stay is super cool. At least I think it's the rear since that looks like the back side of a powerdome cassette on the other side of the hub.
Yash Katsumi said…
Wow, that is the perfect bike in every way.
pw said…
steve - yet another visual feast of precious metals...yer the anthony bourdain of bicycles. i think i said it first.
HampCo said…
oh, you boys...

yes mike, you need the wheels. i'm sure they rock but i haven't actually, ahem, tried them yet. but i will

the fender took some hard thought but the solution is pretty simple and elegant, if i say so myself. the dome of power is cool, too.

yash - no, it isn't perfect any more. it has a small chip on the fork. otherwise it's tres swell.

curndawg - just like anthony. minus the good looks, heroin, and waitresses - mostly. i cook real good, though...