pix, etc, ici


Doug said…
Steve, some pics with the Honjos installed please :^)

Thanks, Doug
Stevie said…
those would be called "snapshots", doug, and i don't do those.

the next bike we shoot, tournesol 7005, will proudly sport fenders - i promise.

the fenders fit perfectly, however. like the bike was made for them or something.
rinjin said…
nice looking bike. i have to admit i'm not wild about that fork though. kinda brutal and angular and seems just wrong with that frame. but maybe i'm just another retrogrouch.
Stevie said…
i can see how this frame could go either way, but i think the fork mirrors the shape of the chainstays - and to a lesser extent, the shapes of the main tubes - quite nicely. it may end up looking better with larger diameter aluminum, carbon, or titanium tubes however.

i like the fork and it rides great, but i also appreciate that it's not to everyone's taste.