I don’t look
for Pegoretti bikes
when driving around.
I don’t mind if my
friends ride other
bikes. I don’t expect
to see my frames on
every road. I don’t
complain for being
small. I don’t want
to miss this
opportunity to
thank you all for
letting me share my ideas in
welded form.

Dario Pegoretti


Brent said…
where did you find this? shows what a super guy he is.
Stevie said…
This text was in his 2006 catalog and I saw it again in the background at the Peg booth at Nambla in this format.

It's a beautiful sentiment, isn't it?
Kevin said…
Nambla? really?
Stevie said…

industry joke
Kevin said…
I figgered as much...I was afraid it might be Fruedian....
Stevie said…

sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar