this horace guy


soundless said…
I like the reaction from the "common folk" when they learn that people will pay that much for a bike.
"You know they sell bikes at Wal-Mart for 50 dollars."

Steve said…

Those people are called "morons" and what they are referring to are "bicycle shaped objects".

I feign ignorance when people want to talk about he price of my personal bikes: "This one here? Oh, it's custom, it's a one-off, everything I buy is at wholesale - so I have no idea."

You guys get home ok last night? Beer, rain, cold, dark - woohoo!

Steve said…
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christopher said…
an hour and 20 min's after leaving the towers i was at home warming pizza in the oven and picking dirt out of my teeth from riding joby's wheel in the rain and sleet. it was a fun night, thanks for having us.