Gran Paradiso Titanio

Photos by Matt; bike by HampCo for Matt


Steve et al.,

Posting these pics is a great use of your blog. Keep 'em coming!
Steve said…
Thanks Jay, I feel like I'm on a roll here. It's much easier to post blog pix than to do the whole website thing - but we need the website, of course.
William said…
Another thanks for the artful photos! Please keep them coming. If you would like, I'll pull together some photos of my SBTi for your consideration. My pig is very happy in its natural environment - the hilly dirt roads of rural Virginia.
Steve said…
Bring them on William - I'll use them if I like them.
MattD said…
Cool bike...dig the subtle slope to the top tube...want one just like it, only smaller.
Steve said…
One just like it we can do; smaller is easy. Justlmk.
benjamin.clark said…
FunHog stamp on top the break mounts are awesome!

However, the painted/decal FunHog on front is disappointing.

Would be nice if the FunHog were etched or stamped in metal and brazed on or cut out of metal and tacked on.
Steve said…
FunHog - I like it. The boys at Moots call it a War Pig...just goes to show.

I agree: the Boar would make a good head badge - but adding eyelets to allow for fastening would defeat the design.

And personally, I'm not a big fan of head badges. I am a big fan of decals. So I guess that's that.